Light Wave in Geneose
Light Wave in Geneose



You might not know what a GIF is, but if you use the internet you’ve seen one. GIF (pronounced with a soft “J” rather than a hard “G”) stands for Graphics Interchange Format – a small file format that contains one to two seconds of animation or video and loops it continuously. GIFs are so ubiquitous online that websites, such as The Rumpus, post a GIF of the day. Entire articles are comprised of GIFs. There are  seizure-causing GIF parties and parades where hundreds of GIFs are crowd sourced in a hurry. Tumblr thrives on the easily sharable GIF –silent and perfect for the office. And guess what the Oxford English Dictionary dubbed the Word of 2012? You guessed right.


The GIF is often used as a way to make an easy (and sometimes mean) joke – and it is incredibly good at highlighting an odd expression or a misplaced foot and repeating it ad infinitum. But the GIF as a low-fi art form is gaining practitioners. The GIF can bring out the beauty in a still image with one perfectly placed flicker of movement, such as in the New York Times’ Still Life series. At last year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, an entire exhibit entitled “Moving the Still” was devoted to the GIF. This show included Erdal Inci, a Turkish video artist showcased here in Boulderpavement. Inci sticks out from the GIF-making crowd by accentuating a single unbroken movement. He specializes particularly in beautiful movements, such as in the hand-weaving figure in “Poi by Devrim”, and in the light movement of “Light Wave in Geneose” – commissioned for this issue’s focus on repetition. The result is repetition in its most pure, hypnotic, and beautiful state.
© 2013 Erdal Inci


poi by Devrim, 2012. performed by Devrim Ekin Sahin, Sundance, Antalya.
Poi by Devrim, 2012. Performed by Devrim Ekin Sahin, Sundance, Antalya.


self in front of Laleli Fountain, Galata 2012
Self in front of Laleli Fountain, Galata 2012.


runner on the cliff , 2009. performed by Ogun Kekul. video version :
Runner on the cliff, 2009. Performed by Ogun Kekul.



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