A sponge becomes a popsicle. A loofah is exotic jungle flora. A cucumber morphs into a candle. The artist duo PUTPUT excels at transformations that turn everyday objects into something unexpected. The sleight of hand works through repetition. On first glance, a stick and a sponge might be no more than the sum of its part, but seen again and again, the combination becomes natural, almost expected. How did we ever not see the popsicle-ness of the common house sponge? The viewer ends doing her own repetition in the form of a double take.


Based in Copenhagen, the Swiss-Danish duo PUTPUT prefers to remain anonymous and keep the focus exclusively on their work. They will say, however, that both artists have a background in design – one in fashion, the other in graphic design. PUTPUT became their chance to create artwork without commercial influences or the pressure to please clients. Their keen eye for colour and form can be seen in the arresting use of two-tone palettes that train the eye on the revised object in question. Formed in 2011, PUTPUT has featured work in the German publication Die Zeit and Der Greif and exhibited in Copenhagen and Milan.


In their words: “PUTPUT explores the duality of objects and situations associated with everyday life, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and capturing the previously unseen. Perception and recognizability are challenged through distinctly staged scenarios and tableaus that underline a metaphysical relationship to the material world. The highly stylized visual universe has clear references to Pop Art and Surrealism, and reinterprets classical genres such as still life through a contemporary lens.”


The group’s name is a reference to the space between input and output –  a creative place that artists are intimately familiar with. But it also takes the viewer back to what makes the magic possible in their photography – repetition.


© 2013 PUTPUT


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